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The Demo Plane Flies and Flies...

If you attended Oshkosh (aka EAA AirVenture 2017), you likely saw the Aeropilot L600 in attendance. If you didn't... you may get another chance at other upcoming shows. The L600 has been flying quite a bit to attend various shows such as Oshkosh, Deland, and some of the flow in Florida like Sun n' Fun and Arizona's Copper State Fly-In.

And yes... this Light Sport Aircraft has FLOWN to each and every one of those destinations without missing a beat or encountering any issues in flight or on the ground. Talk about a sturdy yet comfortable aircraft!

Even Dan Johnson took notice of the L600! He posted a video a few months back, and then this one at the Sebring, Florida event.

Our demo pilot has taken the L600 through Arizona to New Mexico, Texas, Florida... in fact, we estimate that the L600 has criss-crossed the United States at least twice (if not more times!) And still, the Aeropilot L600 continues to provide comfortable travel without missing a beat. In fact, our demo aircraft is in flight nearly daily even back home in Fullerton.

If you're interested in seeing this aircraft or taking a demonstration flight, drop us a line and we'll schedule you in for a flight... if we can wrangle the keys away from the last pilot to fly the aircraft!

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