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We've been busy...

It's a terrible excuse for not having updated the blog or the website. But we truly have been busy! Thanks to all of you, the interest has been extremely strong! We've been to several shows, and the folks who have come to see the L600 have been extremely impressed.

One person who came to visit with us in Marana, Arizona was none other than Dan Johnson! (Dan Johnson researches and publishes probably the most comprehensive information about Light Sport Aircraft anywhere on either the internet or in print, and his website is

The chat with Dan Johnson was great... but rather than tell you about it, why not watch it?

We've gotten so much positive feedback about the aircraft from folks who are not only impressed with the cabin width, but how the fore-aft adjustable seats make a HUGE difference in comfort. (One gentleman was impressed that sliding the seat back to the bulkhead let him stretch out his legs without touching the rudder pedals!)

In fact, the response has been so positive that we're almost out of 2017 delivery dates! So if you're interested in having a L600 of your own, call us soon and we can confirm a delivery date!

One L600 is stunning and has quite the ramp presence! But when you have TWO... well, you can see for yourself how impressive this pair looks!

We liked this photo so much, we put it on our website's home page! (Undoubtedly you saw it?)

This L600 in the foreground belongs to one of our first customers - Joe M.!

And here's a few photos from an earlier trip that Deon took to Scottsdale, Arizona earlier in the year. Deon flew in our demonstrator to Scottsdale, then up to Prescott for an airshow.

Look how impressive the panel looks. But more importantly, look how great the view was out of the aircraft. That's Phoenix down below, and beautiful scenery straight ahead!

In fact, in chatting with Deon, we started adding up all of the miles our demonstrator has covered since September of 2016.

The answer?

We think the aircraft has covered about 7,000 miles!

It's been to Florida three times, Oshkosh once, Arizona twice... and the pace isn't slowing! Our L600 hasn't missed a beat in all these air miles. With 34 gallons and 700 nautical mile range, who says a Light Sport can't fly long distances?

Blue Skies, my friends!

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