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Look what the Stork brought in!

We should first say "Congratulations to Joe!" Joe ordered a L600 and the stork brought it to

California! Well... not so much the Stork as a cargo ship and a truck. But still, what an exciting day!

The L600 can be delivered in a 20 foot container, but we recommend the 40 foot container so that the engine doesn't have to be fitted. The 40 foot container provides plenty of room for the aircraft. In fact, we can fit TWO L600 in a 40 foot container. So if you and a buddy are interested in a L600, you can both save on shipping costs if they are delivered together!

The wings are well protected and packaged on styrofoam and wrapped with plastic. The packaging is very secure for a trans-Atlantic voyage!

Joe loved our demonstrator's paint and stripe scheme so much, he ordered the same! But you're interested in different colors and stripes, that's no problem! The factory has several stripes and color combinations that you can choose from! But I do have to admit that I'm pretty fond of this color combination!

Joe ordered the photo windows on his aircraft. You can see the rectangular windows that not only slide back, but also have a pop-out insert to help control ventilation. Don't forget that the cabin has two ventilation ducts and separate heater controls for Pilot and Passenger. There's really no excuse not to be comfortable in a L600!

Here's a closeup of the center instrument panel. Joe decided he liked the wood paneling look that is on our demonstrator. No problem! The factory can (and did) do that!

Joe also opted from the Autopilot, as well as the Galaxy Rescue Systems (GRS) ballistic parachute! Great choices, Joe! Always great to have the peace of mind knowing a parachute is aboard and ready.

Notice how cleanly all the switch gear are arranged?

And here's our last shot of the L600 complete with the new "L600" logo on the side of the aircraft (just behind the cowl). She's safe and secure with the A&P who will attache her wings and horizontal stabilizer and prepare her for a test flight. While Joe's plane has been test flown in the Czech Republic, another will be performed here.

So a hearty "Congratulations!" to Joe on his early Christmas present! His L600 will be ready shortly for Joe to take possession of his airplane and bore holes in the bright, blue skies!

If you're interested in a L600, contact us soon! The factory has increased its prices and we'll have a new price list effective January 1, 2017. If you want your very own L600, there is no better time than now to place that order to preserve current pricing! Give us a call and we'd be happy to work-up a quote for you.

Blue Skies!

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