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At AOPA's Fly-in at Prescott (KPRC)

Deon and team are likely having fun and making the rounds. For the team based in Fullerton, we've been watching Embry Riddle's live web cam and getting a feel for the event. It looks like a lot of fun and wish we could have attended, but the schedules didn't align for Mike and myself.

Here's a pic of the field as of 2:27 PM Pacific. Still plenty of aircraft at the tie downs, and... we were able to spot the L600 demonstrator plane! Do you see it in this picture?

Not to spark a game of "Where's Waldo" (or in this case, "Where's the L600?", but if you look on the top left of the tie down area, you'll see the L600. Here's a (grainy) close-up.

The forecast calls for some strong winds coming through the Las Vegas area this afternoon and tomorrow. We wish Deon and team a safe flight and we'll track their progress tomorrow on their return flight!

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