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Prescott, and a "Soon to be Owner"`

Deon took flight this afternoon from Fullerton (KFUL) and is spending the night in Scottsdale. He'll take flight in the morning to arrive in style at Prescott for AOPA's Fly-In. If you're in attendance, be sure to stop by and say "Hello" to Deon, and take a look at the Legend 600! Except we're calling the airplane the "L600" going forward. Whatever we call the airplane, come and take a gander!

In the meantime, enjoy the in-flight photos Deon took as he approached Phoenix this afternoon, and a great photo of the dash panel on the L600. We've got those photos below.

But first... we wanted to show a photo of "Soon to be Owner" Joe. Joe placed an order for a L600 and the delivery of his L600 is approaching soon! He had a chance to come by with his friend to check out the L600 and we think it's safe to say that Joe and his friend are really pleased and excited by the aircraft, it's roominess, and its comfort. Here's a photo of Joe and friend!

And here's the promised in-flight photos over Phoenix!

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