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Day 5: The Legend 600 Arrives at KFUL!

That's right, folks! Our intrepid pilot Mike flew out of Scottsdale (KSDL) at 0800 this morning and made his way to Fullerton (KFUL), the home base for the Aeropilot Legend 600! Landing occurred about 10:45 AM. Welcome back, Mike!

The schedule is busy for the Legend 600 as there's quite the interest in the aircraft. Mike's PIREP on the aircraft was that the plane garnered a lot of interest wherever it went, and at every landing! Right now, the plane is scheduled to be at the AOPA Fly-In at Prescott this coming weekend, and will be at the Copper State Fly-In at the end of October. But if you're interested in seeing the Legend 600, or want to have a demo flight, contact us and we'll schedule and showing!

Blue Skies!

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