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Day 5: At Home (but no time to relax)

The Aeropilot Legend 600 demonstrator aircraft arrived at it's permanent home... Fullerton Municipal Airport (KFUL.) Mike took flight for 5 days (4 and a half?) from Oshkosh and flew through some of the most active weather patterns we've seen in a little while. But it sure looked great seeing the Legend 600 touch down and pull but to General Aviation. Boy, does this aircraft sure have ramp presence!

Welcome Home, Mike!

Mike's reaction upon exiting the aircraft was priceless, and this photo shows it. He looks like he had a great time and great flight coming in from Scottsdale this morning. Notice Mike's luggage and crew bag... yup, all that fit in the Legend 600's large baggage area! And Mike reports that the cockpit was comfortable during the entire trip.

As I mentioned in the blog post from this morning, the schedule is filling up quickly for the Legend 600. We've got a couple of shows that are up-coming (one this weekend in Prescott), and we have a few eager folks that would like to take flight in the aircraft to get a feel for it and its performance.

If you have interest in the Legend 600, give us a call today to schedule a demo flight! The aircraft is getting a lot of attention wherever it flies as Mike can attest during his journey, and as you can see from another pair of legs (with tan shoes) by the passenger door, at KFUL also! Hope to hear from you soon!

Blue Skies!

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