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Day 4: Aloft from Roswell, New Mexico

Mike lifted off from Roswell, New Mexico (KROW) at 7:00 AM Pacific (8:00 AM local), The journey home to Fullerton (KFUL) is 621 nautical miles, but Mike will need a fuel stop along the way. Winds look good for the early morning flight with a mild 9 knot wind from the south, which is helping to boost Mike's speed as he climbs out of KROW.

We are estimating Mike's arrival at KFUL around 3:00 PM today. Of course, this all depends upon any weather, turbulence (especially given Southern California's "Red Flag" conditions with high winds in the afternoon.) But stay tuned and we'll update Mike's ETA as soon as we know.

If you're in the Orange County area and want to see Mike's arrival and check out the Aeropilot Legend 600, drop us a line! We're going to be at the airport today to welcome Mike home!

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