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Day 3: The 2nd Leg of the Day

Mike is on the move again! A line of thunderstorms and strong winds formed and was moving North-Easterly. Mike fought headwinds early on (as evidenced by the low ground speeds), but he persisted until he was forced to land. We think that was somewhere near Snyder, Texas.

As of the writing of this blog, Mike has crossed into New Mexico! We're watching his progress and trying to see if we can guess his next destination (and likely stop-over for the night.) Right now, it looks like Mike is headed toward Roswell, New Mexico.


Mike decided to land at Roswell, New Mexico. Good idea as pushing on all day through weather must be tiring! We hope that Mike can enjoy a great meal and a good night's rest. And hopefully the aliens don't return for a visit to Roswell... at least, not before Mike takes flight in the morning!

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