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Day 3: 3AU to KTCC (via KWLD)

Mike is aloft at 6:08 AM Pacific Time! (8:08 AM local time for him.) Wind was an issue yesterday in the afternoons, and Mike reported moderate turbulence.

If you look at the picture, Mike is the red, round dot. He had just taken flight and the icon had not yet changed to an airplane.

Winds this morning were coming from 140 degrees at 8 knots, scattered clouds at 9,000 feet. At 3000 feet, winds are at 182 degrees at 28 knots. So for Mike's first leg to KWLD, he'll be flying into a headwind. As Mike approaches KTCC, the winds shift to 270 degrees at 9-13 knots - also a headwind for his direction of travel. Hopefully the turbulence will be no factor on this early AM flight.

This is Mike's anticipated 1st leg for this day... a total distance of about 370 nautical miles. Depending upon convective weather and winds, we'll see if Mike can extend the trip into a second leg.

Waypoint 1 - KWLD Reached in 16 minutes

As an update, as I prepared this blog post, Mike made good progress despite the headwinds and reached the 1st Waypoint - KWLD - in 16 minutes.

As you can see from the FlightRadar24 image, the ground speed is just 66 knots due to the headwind.

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