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Day 2: Hannibal, MO to Wichita, KS

Well... close enough to Wichita. It'll be Augusta Municipal Airport (3AU), but it's about a 300 nautical mile flight away from Hannibal, Missouri where Mike spent the night. Mike lifted off around 9:00 AM local time (7:00 AM Pacific) to VFR flight weather, ceilings at 12,000 feet and a light wind from 200 degrees at 4 knots. There's a storm front tracking to the north of Mike's flight plan, but weather should be no factor.

As Mike approaches Augusta Municipal Airport, winds aloft at 6,000 feet shift to 180 at 20 knots. That may slow Mike's progress a little as that will be a left quartering headwind on his direction of travel. But that notwithstanding, this should be a nice flight over the Central Plains of the United States!

Mike will check in later today. Will Mike fly another leg today, or stay overnight in the Wichita, Kansas area? Hey, if it was me, I'd be looking for barbecue! But we'll see what Mike decides. Stay tuned!

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