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On the way Home!

Our demo plane is on its way home!

Our intrepid pilot Mike had a late start due to weather in and around Oshkosh this morning. But once the skies cleared and stabilized a bit, Mike was able to take to the skies!

Below is a SkyVector ( screen capture of the approximate route that Mike flew today. As you can see below, there was still lingering weather in the area.

Mike made it as far as Hannibal Regional Airport in Missouri before deciding to land the plane and rest for the evening. That is 301.2 nautical miles on a day with a late start and I'm sure some interesting weather en route. I'm sure a hot shower, good eats, and a good night's rest is well earned!

We'll try to track Mike on some of the live flight tracking websites tomorrow. But if we're unable, we'll just post progress points like the one above.

Blue Skies!

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