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Decompressing from Oshkosh...

We hope everyone arrived home safe and sound from Oshkosh. It was a wonderful week that verges on the edge of sensory overload! Lots of sights, sounds, smell (love that jet fuel!) and plenty of gastronomic delights. (Have you tried the cheese curds?)

What better way to relax from the largest Aviation Show in the United States than to just sit back, watch some television (Olympics anyone?) and perhaps a few YouTube videos.

Mr. C. Scott Hendry from Australia is a Legend 600 owner, and he graciously has allowed us to use his videos. I serial watched each and every video from Mr. Hendry and they're extremely well done and very entertaining. He and his co-pilot (in flight and in life) are a wonderful duo who are currently traveling around all of Australia and producing video blogs on YouTube. If you'd love to see Australia, the Legend 600 and some downright outstanding flying, cozy up to a comfy chair with your laptop and enjoy his videos from this link:

But since I am not keen to leave a blog without at least a photo (or two), here are some more photos from Oshkosh that, quite frankly, don't do the show justice!

Blue Skies!

The Legend 600 waiting to taxi to Oshkosh's North Hangars

A "Moni" Aircraft. Looks a lot like a Sonex Waiex, doesn't it?

F14 Tomcat. No sign of Maverick or Goose anywhere!

The Cathay Pacific Cargo 747 was MASSIVE!

The B17 and other Warbirds were beautiful!

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