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Bringing Oshkosh 2016 to a close.

Whew! Where did the week go? It felt like we just got here even though it was a week ago.

The show was great. And the debut and first public showing of the US Spec Aeropilot Legend 600 went well. We had a lot of visitors, many repeat visitors, and gathered a lot of really positive feedback. Folks were amazed at the introductory pricing of the Legend 600, and our demonstrator did not disappoint with its well-optioned interior and the impressive performance.

What was the performance? Well, we were quoting the factory numbers as provided of:

1,300 feet per minute climb

113 knots at 75% throttle and 4.5 gallons per hour (of MOGAS!)

700 nautical mile range, and 7 hour endurance with the demo model's 34 gallon wing tanks.

583 pound useful load for the demo model (including the Galaxy Recovery System parachute!)

And... as a special treat, yours truly had the opportunity to taxi the aircraft to our hangar location at Oshkosh after the show! I can say that the rudder pedals (and direct linkage to the steerable nose gear) was crisp, responsive and there was no slack in the responsiveness to steering. The tower at Oshkosh cleared the demo plane to take-off and boy was I sure tempted! But we had a secure location for it so that we could let the rest of the aircraft depart and we could get some much needed sleep.

OK, I'm rambling along enough. Let me present you with some photos from the show!

Here's a view of the vertical stabilizer on Aeropilot USA's demo aircraft. Notice the large rudder? Plenty of folks at the show did and felt confident in the aircraft's ability to handle crosswinds! (For the record, the factory rates the Legend 600 for up to 15 knot crosswinds.)

Here's a view of the Legend 600 under the tent.

So, somebody is gong to ask the question, "Why did you put the airplane under the tent and not outside where everyone could see it?"

The answer(s) are simple;

1 - It was pouring rain when the aircraft was uncrated (as you saw from our prior blog post.)

2 - After the rains, it became hot and humid. Keeping the airplane under the tent kept the interior comfortable for our visitors as they spent time looking at the impressive cockpit

3 - The tent protected the aircraft from late week rain that pelted the parking area into a muddy mess.

Boy, we were sure glad to have the tent! While it was harder to see the Legend 600, it sure made it comfortable for folks to come by and chat with us about the aircraft!

Here's a look inside the Legend 600. We've got the GRS parachute, and extra pad to help increase seat height on the custom-ordered, lowered seat (for taller pilots). Not sure it was needed as the standard seat seems to accommodate pilots up to 6 feet 4 inches

The red seating inserts is a great contrast against the black, leather bolsters of the seats. And folks... I have to tell you that the seating is COMFORTABLE, and the leg room is MORE than ample. You must try this for yourself!

And here's a photo of our glass panel. The Kanardia EFIS is a touch-screen display with moving map. And not shown is the Kanardia DIGI engine management system that comes on within a few seconds of engine start to show all the engine parameters you'll need to monitor.

Of course, Oshkosh is MUCH more than just our display. There was so much to see and do (and EAT) but we were busy enough with visitors that we didn't get a chance to get out to see the other displays.

But a few shots of the show that were awesome included:

A P51 and a F16 flying in formation. Amazing!

The Canadian Snowbirds in their formation flight aerobatics. Breathtaking!

And the absolutely beautiful shores of Lake Michigan at Green Bay, Wisconsin (where my hotel was. Oshkosh is so popular, all the hotels for 80 miles around were fully booked!)

That's it for this blog post, folks! Hope you enjoyed it! As for me,.. I'm at Chicago O'Hare airport as I write this, waiting to board my commercial flight back to Los Angeles.

Blue Skies, my friends!

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