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Something Awesome in Oshkosh

Oshkosh is next week, folks! The count down is on!

We've been busy trying to get ready for the big show. Lots of "behind the scenes" activity to ensure that we've got all the stuff we'll need when we're out there.

One of those things? Maybe this photo will give a bit of hint...

... yup, that's the empennage of an Aeropilot Legend 600!

Notice anything else? Like the American flag on the tail? Yup, this is the first ever Legend 600 to set foot on US Soil! And it happened this morning.

You're probably asking, "Why didn't they assemble the aircraft ahead of time and fly it in to Oshkosh?"

Good question. We could have shipped the plane to California (it's home base) and completed the assembly, but we didn't want to take the chance of weather delaying the plane's arrival at Oshkosh. With the convective weather this time of year, we weren't sure if the trip might take 5 or 15 days to fly to Oshkosh. The safest alternative was to have it sent from port via truck to Oshkosh where we would engage A&Ps to assemble the aircraft here.

Here's the Legend with its wings on, and under the Oshkosh show tent. Let me tell you, folks... she's a beauty.

If you're going to be in Oshkosh, come and check out the Legend 600 and (if you're so inclined) have a chat with us! We're in Booth 91, in the Main Aircraft Display area.

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