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Oshkosh Bound!

Guess who's going to Oshkosh in a couple of weeks?

Yup... that's right. We'll be at Oshkosh this year. And we'll be at Booth 91. If you're planning on going, come by and say hello.

Oh, and if we didn't mention it (we didn't), the Aeropilot Legend will be there! In fact, it's the first Legend 600 in the United States!

So... you're probably wondering, what does the first ever Legend 600 in the USA look like?

Here she is! She's a gorgeous aircraft, complete with an amazing glass panel that's touch screen actuated (a Kanardia Nesis III with 8.4" display), an AVmap GPS system, ballistic parachute, and more!

As you can see, she's got red and grey accent striping, and a beautiful red and black interior upholstery.

We're knee-deep in preparation for Oshkosh, so not much more than this teaser post. We've got so many more photos to share, but we'll keep those "in our pocket" until Oshkosh... then we'll share the build photos and blog about our time in Wisconsin.But we'll

It's going to be a great time, folks!

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