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L600 Eagle Options:

The L600 Eagle has a robust number of options since each airplane is crafted to each owner's specifications.


We will have three "Quick-Option" packages to help facilitate ordering.  Description of those packages are as below.


Interested in a custom configuration?  We can accommodate that!  Pricing will vary based upon options selected.  Please contact us and we'll be happy to help configure your Legend and provide a quote.



The Quick Option Packages


  • The Starter*:  A new, factory built Light Sport Aircraft with just the minimum required for daytime, VFR flight.  Great for the pilot who doesn't plan to enter controlled airspace, or has his/her own avionics that they want to install.  Starting at just $120,000 USD** with the Rotax 912UL (80 hp) engine.


  • The Trainer*:  Perfect for flight instruction, this option package adds the Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) engine, instruments and items to ensure pilot and student are informed about the aircraft and engine performance, as well as equipment required for night flight. 


  • The Commuter*:  Adding to the equipment on The Trainer, the Commuter provides upgraded GPS and Glass Panel displays, as well as comfort and convenience options.  


  • The Executive: This is for the aviator that wants to fully tailor the aircraft to his or her specifications.  Heated leather seating, custom interior colors and paint options?  The full options list is available to you to choose.  


* Ballistic parachute is an additional option on all packages, but included in The Executive package.  Containerization and Shipping costs are in addition to the price as shown.  Registration of the aircraft is the buyer's responsibility.

** Pricing is approximate and will fluctuate based upon the Euro to US Dollar currency exchange rate.  Quotes are approximate.  Fixed pricing quote will be provided at time of order placement at the (then) current Euro to US Dollar exchange rate.


L600 Eagle

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